Retail Science

A scientific approach to understanding customer behaviour, category performance, and forecast models

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Computational Retail Marketing

We have developed intelligent algorithms & data mining techniques enabling us to deep dive into vast amounts of purchase data.

Our proprietary technology accurately derives optimum category space, adjacencies and produces optimised store layouts as well as enabling us to measure price elasticity and promotional effectiveness...

Customer Research

We use a very comprehensive set of research techniques. This enables us to accurately measure what customers do at every point of their journey and why.

Qualitative research

Quantitative research

Traffic flow analysis

Window display analysis

This deep customer understanding support the decision making process.

Our subconscious drives 98% of the decisions we make and actions we take...

It's time for retailers to stop targeting just the 2%!

Retail Safaris

A detailed review of the competitive landscape to inform and inspire brand and retail strategy.

Store formats

Shopping missions

Layout strategy

Assortment & services

Customer experience

Retail & brand strategy

Helping you define and build a strong brand DNA may be the the final stage of our Retail Science approach but it is also and the primary objective.

Bringing together all the insights from Retail Science and 30 years retail expertise to help you refine your brand strategy.