Data driven decisions, using intelligent algorithms

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Market Basket Analysis

Proprietary data mining models to understand consumers purchase behaviour and leverage store performance. Our models extract knowledge by looking for patterns and insights gained from examining large amounts of transactional data.


Location & Adjacencies

Algorithm based analysis provides scientific insights to better define categories locations and adjacencies so you know how they should be sequenced in store.

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Promotion Analysis

We help you understand the practical impact that promotions have on a product, as well as its direct and indirect collateral impact on other categories.

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Cross Sell & Up sell

Our data driven algorithms suggest the best product and services correlations to create better purchasing experiences for your customers, leading to higher revenues.


Neural Network Forecasting

Forecast simulation models enable you to understand different economic scenarios, perform risk analysis and understand price elasticity.

Category Reasoning

For decades the science of managing categories has become very popular, but not always easy to implement or pragmatic. Our new approach to category reasoning enables a practical category execution in store.

Our methodical, data driven approach, looks at each category to define:



Layout Execution


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Layout Configurator

Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to develop optimised store layouts, aiming to provide the best and most convenient shopping experience possible.

Step 1

Calculates optimized adjacencies by mining transactional data

Step 2

Determine store size, allocate category space & layout

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