A comprehensive set of research techniques, supporting the decision making process

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Qualitative research

Understanding customers perceptions, motivations and shopping missions. There many things we can learn from customers:

Find retailer’s blue oceans and how they can reposition themselves in the market

How to build a strong brand DNA

How the brand can be represented in a 3D environment

Likes and dislikes about the retailer´s brand and its store execution

qualitative shopper research

Quantitative Research

Measuring the relevance of what customers think through rigorous quantification.

We help you understand the exact relevance of each critical variable that can support:

How to improve the customer journey

How to improve store execution

What should be retailer’s priorities

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Traffic Flow Analysis

Customer traffic flow helps to better understand store layout performance by studying the way customers move and behave through the space as they shop.

The information collected includes not only the most common footfall patterns but also reveals detailed insights into customer behaviours.

Observations are recorded via our own user friendly and reliable mobile application.

Customer demographics

Unit browsing

Unit interaction

Items acquired

Footfall waste

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Window Display Analysis

Rigorous observation methodology enabling us to quantify how effective your window display is and what elements work best in attracting attention and converting to entry.

Shop window attraction
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