Monsoon to become 90% sustainable by 2023

The “have or die” of sustainability for brand’s sustainability is now undoubtable. We took a group of teenager girls to visit the Westfield Shopping Centre in London. From all the stores they visited – including fashion, sports, custom jewellery, accessories, make up, among others – their favourite store was … TESLA!!!! The two major reasons for their choice were: the vibrancy of hands reach technology and Tesla were a major contributor for a better environment. No brand should dare to avoid sustainability!

Following the release of Monsoon’s sustainability report, the fashion retailer has announced that over half of its spring/summer 2020 collection will be sustainable.

Meanwhile, Monsoon has made a long term pledge that will see all of their clothing ranges become over 90 per cent sustainable by 2023.

The report looks at current practices and sustainability credentials and how to implement impactful changes by next year.

The British fashion retailer is also set to launch a 90 per cent sustainable beachwear collection for summer next year to show its commitment to sustainability by investing in better practices with immediate effect.

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