Online shoppers worried about late deliveries

Like of offline retail, online has still a lot of challenges. In our latest research, 8 out of 10 independent sites were offering delivery lead times longer than 5 days and in many cases, delivery dates were longer than promised. Although online is a fundamental complementary service to retail stores, in some cases they are causing damage to retail brands due to poor logistics in place, poor return policy and lack of access to address customers’ complains

Shoppers have two big concerns when it comes to online holiday shopping.

Late delivery of packages is the number one concern of holiday shoppers, cited by 38.6% of respondents in a survey by Austin-based Convey. The fear of theft came in second, with 21.9% worried their packages will be stolen after delivery. The survey of more than 2,500 U.S. consumers identifies the trends and themes that will define the online shopping experience this holiday and beyond.

In line with the concern about porch piracy, 66.5% of respondents said the ability to track packages en route is an important service, while 12.8% said they’d like the option to change delivery destinations once orders are in transit.

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