The importance of sound in retail stores

We, humans, like most animals, rely on our hearing system to stay safe and to fully understand our environment.

We analyse what we see, but we feel what we hear.

Our auditory cortex is hardwired with our reptilian brain and our amygdala so every sound that enters our ears creates an impression and triggers reactions from our brain. Most of them are quite unconscious.

We process any hearing stimulus 800 times quicker than a visual stimulus

In every retail space design there should be a great concern about how it will sound, once opened to the public:

  • Will our guests feel comfortable?
  • Will they shorten their visit because they are annoyed by the surrounding atmosphere?
  • Will they feel inspired?

If you do nothing about your soundscape, you won’t get silence. Instead you’ll get a lot of noise.

Sound is the most powerful tool to create the right ambience. Whether it’s music, natural sounds, better acoustic design, sound can work magic on your customers behaviour.

But don’t just throw some commercial hits at your customers, based only in your intuition or personal taste, why not consult a specialist…

Joao Barbosa

With 30 years of management experience has experienced the needs of all businesses, regardless of size, having worked for both local and multinational organisations. Experience in a wide range of industries, products and services including consumer goods, telecom, pharmaceuticals, sport, home entertainment, consumer electronics, clothing and food retail, among many others. Specialist in Consumer Research, Category Reasoning, Space Planning, Retail Design and Retail Management having worked with many retailers and brands in more than 40 countries around the world.

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